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The Role of Retribution Market to Local Income (Case Study: Oro oro Dowo Market Malang City After Revitalization)
Muhammad Fitra Aryanto, Hadi Sumarsono, Farida Rahmawati

Last modified: 2018-06-30


The purpose of this study is to determine the role of market retribution oro-oro dowo Malang to increase Local Revenue through local levies. This research uses quantitative descriptive method.Improved Local Revenue is one of the attempt to process the administration of government implementation. In order to improve the Local Revenue, retribution sector is a very large and potential sector to be explored and expanded by its management, because the local levies imposed on fringe benefits which provided by local government. Retribution market is one of the most important kinds of revenue source for Malang city. This is evident during the fiscal year 2015-2017 the realization of revenue retribution on the market Oro-oro Dowo District Klojen, Malang city before and after the implementation of Revitalization Improvement. Based on the results of research that has been processed by using the method of potential analysis, growth rate, contribution, effectiveness and efficiency of market levy. Can be known : (1) The growth rate of retribution of Oro-oro Dowo Market, Klojen Sub-district, Malang City before and after revitalization was implemented during the last 3 years (2015-2017) has increased with an average rate of 18.8% per year. The highest growth rate occurred in 2017 after the revitalization of the market is implemented with a growth rate of 21.75%. (2) Contribution Acceptance of market retribution to increase of improved local government revenue  in Malang City during the last 3 years (2015-2017) on average equal to 0,0189% per year. Because the percentage of regional retribution contribution according to Dipdagri, Kepmendagri No.690.900.327, with an average market contribution of 3.43% indicates very little contribution in increasing local government revenue. (3) The effectiveness of retribution of Oro-oro dowo market klojen Sub-district Malang city 2017 (sample year) is 40,441%. This indicates that the collection of market levies is quite effective. (4) Efficiency of retribution of oro-oro dowo market klojen sub-district Malang city 2017 (sample year) is 59,28%. This shows that market levies can be said to be quite efficient.


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