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The difference of learning outcome in economic lesson (Using of Cooperative Learning Strategy “the Learning Cell Type” and Expository Strategy in Learning Process to Tenth Grade Student of SMKN 1 Payakumbuh)
Okna Ryana, Jean Elikal Marna

Last modified: 2018-06-28


This study was intended to find whether there is a different learning outcome between students taught using active learning strategy “the learning cell type”and the students taught using expository learning strategy. This study was an experimental study that was held in economic lesson to the tenth grade students of SMKN 1 Payakumbuh in discussion of “macro economic problem”. The population of this study was the tenth grade students of SMKN 1 Payakumbuh. While the sample was the student of X AP-2 class as experimental class using the learning cell strategy and the students of X PM-2 class as control class using expository strategy. The result of formative test was used to get the data, then it was analyzed using descriptive statistic and inferencial that were defined as  normality, humogenitas testing and hypothesis testing. The result of this study showed that Z testing of pre-test with nominal α=0,05, gets zhit = 0,12 and ztab = 1,96 hence zhit < ztab. Therefore Ho is accepted and Ha is rejected, it means that there was significant difference of pretest result between the learning cell class and expository class. This result shows there was significant similar competence of both classes before the using of both strategies. The result of the postest showed that zhitung 3,21 and ztabel 1,96 in nominal α 0,05 hence zhitung > ztabel , therefore Ho is rejected and Ha is accepted. These mean that there was significant difference result of economic learning  between student using active learning the learning cell strategy and the student using expository strategy. Based on the result of study, it can be concluded that the learning using both strategy, the learning cell and expository, give the same impact in improving student learning. However the learning cell strategy gives bigger impact in students learning outcomes than expository strategy. Therefore it is recommended for the teacher to use the learning cell strategy as an alternative of learning process.


the learning cell, ekspositori