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Customer Service Approach on Determinants of Marriage Satisfaction
Siti Norashikin Bashirun, Nur Idayu Badrolhisam, Nurhafizah Mohd Zolkapli, Farah Shazlin Johari, Nor Maslia Rasli Samudin

Last modified: 2018-06-29


Satisfaction is a universal concept that can be seen as an important in marriage institution.  In organization customer satisfaction is one of the main goals to be achieved; this could be similar in the marriage relationship whereby couples are searching for their marriage satisfaction.  To achieve it spouses need to have their own strategy and work on it.  Moreover, there are a few factors that determine satisfaction in marriage life. Previous researcher on the service dimension in marriage life has found the new perspective and similarity.  Nowadays we can see the increase in the divorce rates and all parties should take it seriously so that it will not become a social problem in society. The main purpose of this study is to identify factor determinant of marriage satisfaction by implementing the customer service approach and focusing on customer satisfaction dimension towards marriage satisfaction. This research was conducted using set of questionnaire to 190 married couples, whereby five Likert-scale questionnaires used as an instrument to gather the data.  Majority respondent agreed that “reward” is the most factor dimension that influenced on marriage satisfaction.  In general, result indicated the five dimensions were correlated with marriage satisfaction namely reward, communication, behavior and responsiveness, activities and productivity. Married counselor and couple should be aware regarding this new perspective on customer service dimension so that improvement in marriage relationship can be achieved.


Customer satisfaction, Customer Service, Marriage relationship, Marriage satisfaction