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How To Increase The Income Of Cocoa Farmers Through The Development Of Cocoa Products?
MIke Triani, Marta Dinata, Andria Ningsih

Last modified: 2018-06-29


Cocoa is one of plantation commodities main west sumatra also play a role important as producer regional foreign exchange , and as provision of employment opportunities and source of income for farmers .Demand cocoa the world is still very high which annually increased .Cooperatives cocoa ‘mandiri prima’ is one of the most potential cooperative in jorong cubadak kecamatan Lima puluhkota Kabupaten Tanah datar .Cooperatives cocoa mandiri prima has a member of as many as 46 one who reliable in administer the estate cocoa , only processing cocoa beans was not perfect so hasi processing cocoa beans feasible to for marketing .A method of activities will be implemented with group discussions and understanding fodder for participants a member of farmers cocoa .The discussion groups and for the delivery of material , it turns out it participants stated that they failed to in implementing fermntation cocoa beans becoming brown quality . It was because they did not understand technically the process.It becomes one of the problems for the government to increase production cocoa in the area. For that we need to review the how product development cocoa beans in kabupaten land these flat in order to increase farm incomes cocoa and can increase the value of value-added production.


value added production, Product, and income

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