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Teachers and Parents’ Collaboration to instill economic values through simulation and context-based games to develop interests in saving among students at SD Sumbersari III Malang
Sri umi Mintarti

Last modified: 2018-06-28


Economic education in the field of finance is very important to do from early childhood as such education will be useful in adulthood. This research was conducted at SD Negeri Sumbersari II, in the Lowokwaru district of Malang city. The research subjects are teachers, students and parents of students. The purpose of this study to discover how the motivation of students in saving can be developed. The type of research is qualitative, data retrieval is done by observation, FGD, and in-depth interview. Data analysis is done in three steps: data reduction, presentation of data, and report. Triangulation of sources is necessary to obtain the validity of research data. The results show that, by playing simulations and games, students are motivated to set aside some of their allowance for savings. Parents play a role too, by introducing the real and contextual world of Banks to their children, they can help motivate children to understand the economic values, especially financial management. Students can consume based on need, not desire. It is recommended to parents to improve their children’s economic education, so that they have the skills to manage their finances in the future.


economic education, FGD, simulation, game, contextual