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Characteristics of the Consumption Pattern of Households Small Businesses: (Socio-Economic and Demographic Perspectives)
Sitti Hajerah Hasyim, Muhammad Hasan, Muhammad Imam Ma'ruf

Last modified: 2018-06-28


The aim of this study to determine the effect of the socio-economic and demography aspects which includes household heads’ education level, business status, and household size to household consumption pattern of small businesses. The study population was the entire household of small businesses in the province of South Sulawesi spread in 24 districts / cities, while the sample in this study were household small businesses located in urban areas with a total sample of 4,520 households. Analysis of data using Regression Logistic Model with a model of the natural logarithm. Simultaneous hypothesis testing using Chi Square Test, whereas partial hypothesis testing using Wald Test. Odd Ratio Test was used to determine the pattern of household consumption of small businesses. The results showed three variables such as household heads’ education level, business status and household size significant effect on household consumption patterns of urban small businesses simultaneously. However, only household heads’ education level and household size were significant effect on household consumption patterns of small businesses partially.

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