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E-Consumer Behavior; The Roles of Attitudes, Risk Perception On Shopping Intention-Behavior
Widayat Widayat

Last modified: 2018-06-13


The objective of this research is to examine the roles of attitudes, the risk perception on intention and behavior online shopping, among  students. The data were collected from the samples through a five-Likert scale questionnaire. The samples of adolescents who were still studying in Malang city were 500 persons, that taken using an accidental sampling technique. The data for building the purposed model were verified in terms of the completeness, the existence of outliers and the normal distribution. The Structure Equation Model was build supported by AMOS version 18.  From the adequate data, a good structural model was build with the Goodness of Fit values: RMSEA=0,079; AGFI=0,857; GFI=0,891; CFI=0,910; TLI=0,892. The result showed that the attitudes towards online shops played positive and significant roles in promoting the online shopping intention and also risk perception but in negative direction. The other finding was that online shopping behavior made by the adolescents was not based on their intention. The implication   for improving the intention and behavior on the online store can be improve by building a interesting attitude of online stores attributes and minimize the consumer’s risks, such as the accuracy of time order delivery, the consumer private data protection.


Online shopping, Behavior, Intention, Attitude, Risk Perception, Consumer