We welcome empirical or conceptual contributions by any method or approach, especially those relevant to the issues of Education in Economics, Economics, Business and Management, Accounting and Entrepreneurship, in this field which may focus on topics including, but not limited to, the following:

Economic Education:

  1. Teaching and studying in economics
  2. Curriculum in economics learning
  3. Economics Learning in College
  4. E learning and educational technology

Business management:

  1. Finance,
  2. Operation management,
  3. Sharia,Marketing,
  4. HR Organization/Management,
  5. Strategic Management,
  6. Management information System


  1. ccounting education
  2. Accounting information systemaudit
  3. Financial Accounting
  4. Accounting management
  5. Public Sector Accounting & Non-Profit Accounting
  6. Sharia Accounting
  7. Behavioral accounting
  8. Taxation


  1. monetary economy,
  2. Public Economy,
  3. human capital economics,
  4. regional economy and development,
  5. Environmental economics.


  1. Creative Business
  2. Innovation in Cooperatives and SMEs
  3. Public sector entrepreneurship
  4. Entrepreneurial Behavior
  5. Entrepreneurship in a business context

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