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THE INFLUENCE OF TAX AVOIDATION WHICH IS MODIFIED BY CORPORATE GOVERNANCE ON EARNINGS MANAGEMENT (Empirical Study on Manufacturing Companies Listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in (2014-2017)
Nayang Helmayunita, Wilda Desti karinda, Nurzi Sebrina
Developing Students’ Worksheet Based on Higher Order Thinking Skills For Economics Learning in Senior High School
Tri Kurniawati, Abel Tasman, Menik Kurnia Siwi
Prepaid Electricity Making Easier or Causing Households Problems: An Approach To Increase Customer Desires
Putu Hari Kurniawan
Poverty Alleviation Model Through Social Capital In Coastal Areas: Pariaman Coastal Case
Neng Kamarni
The Influence of Perceived of Usefulness, Perceived Ease of Use, Perceived of Security on Repurchase Intention at
Azmen Kahar, Yunia Wardi, Dina Patrisia

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